"The 5 Love Languages" for Improved Patient Engagement and Connection


Whether in the delivery of clinical care or financial care to our patients, as healthcare professionals, we are called to the highest of missions: Love the patient.

In “The 5 Love Languages”, best selling author Gary Chapman reveals the different languages each of us uses to give and receive love. When two people are speaking different love languages, our efforts can fall flat, no matter our best intentions.

In a 5-part video series, we explore the 5 Love Languages and explain how they can be applied to patient interactions. You will learn how to speak each language to patients to ensure they are receiving and feeling your love for them.

Take the patient experience to the next level. Providing thoughtful and professional service is what makes you good at your job. Loving the patient will make you great.


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Episode 5

Physical Touch

5LL - Physical Touch 2


Episode 4

Acts of Service

5LL - Acts of Service

Episode 3

Receiving Gifts

5LL - Receiving Gifts

Episode 2

Quality Time

5LL - Quality Time

Episode 1

Words of Affirmation

5LL - Words of Affirmation